1. Name: Smart Chicken Door
2. Size: 244mm * 328mm * 50mm
3. Color: black
4. Main material: ABS+aluminum alloy
5. Power supply mode: three detachable 1.5V AA batteries/5 # batteries—–Carbon batteries (R6) cannot be used.
6. Product features:
1) Maximum opening size: 245mm * 210mm
2) LED display 24H timer, which can freely customize the daily opening and closing time, accurate to minutes.
3) Low voltage mode: When the battery is lower than 3V, the battery icon on the screen flashes. Indicates that the battery needs to be replaced.
4) The door opening and closing function has anti pinch function. When the chicken or obstacle is caught in the process of opening and closing the door, the door will enter the normal slight jump protection state, and the normal operation can be achieved by manually removing the obstacle.
5) It can be installed outdoors, with waterproof grade of IP45