• 1. Product Name:3 in 1 Type -C Micro SD OTG Card Reader 2. Color: black, white 3. Weight: 50g 4. Interface: USB 3.0 5. Support memory card: SD / TF 6. Product Features: 1> light design, with the phone connection, the reader will have blue light tips 2> USB / SD / TF three-in-one design, USB can connect U disk, mouse, keyboard, removable hard disk and other external devices, with power interface, power devices for large power supply 3> Suitable for equipment that supports OTG function and type-c interface, strong compatibility and wide range of application 4> Without driver, plug and play, fast read, easy to use and quick 5> compact, stylish, beautiful and practical
  • 1. Product Name:Lightning Audio Camera Connection KIT 2. Color: white 3. Applicable: Lightning Audio Camera Connection KIT 5-in-1 Card Reader for iProducts 4. Applicable: iPhone7 / 7plus / iPad 4 etc. 5. Support current: ≤100mAh 6. SD/TF card capacity: ≤ 64GB 7. Support: SD and HD video formats (H.264 or MPEG-4) 8. Product features: Support song/charge work at the same time, can directly import SD/TF/U disk picture video into mobile phone, connect keyboard, HUB, network card
  • 1. Product Name:Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader 2. Color: white 3. Interface: Lightning 4. Support memory card: SD 5. Support system: iPhone (iOS 9.2 and above) iPad (iOS 8.0 and above) 6. Product Features: Import SD card pictures and videos to iPhone 8 / iPad 7. Features: Compatible with the latest iOS 11.2 system, one end is lightning 8-Pin (Lightning) male and the other end is SD card slot; it can be used for the new iPad and iPhone with Lightning interface to connect SD And read / import photos on the SD card, video data, compact, easy to carry, easy to operate, easy to use
  • Name: Card Reader color: White Material: ABS Features: 1. Support USB 2.0 2. Support MicroSD, 3. Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS 9.1 or later 4. Take power directly from the USB port
  • 1. Product Name:MODULE MP3 PANEL RADIO BLUETOOTH AUX USB PILOT UNIVERSAL AUDIO MP3 AUX BT SD (HC) FM MODULE 2. Display color: red 3. Size: 10.7*3.9*2.6cm 4. Maximum memory capacity: 8GB 5.FM receiver frequency range: 85~108MHz 6. Supply voltage: 7-12V DC (DC voltage) 7. Current: 800mA ~ 1A 8. Support: USB/SD Card/Bluetooth 3.0/FM/Line MMC Card/FAT 16/FAT 32 9. Support: MP1 layer / MP2 layer / MP3 layer 10. Support: 32 ~ 320 Kbps MP3 11. Kit includes: MP3 player + remote control + 2pin power cord + 3pin cable with audio signal output (L, gnd, R) 12. Features: MP3/WMA decoding chip player, USB connector for pen drive connection, auxiliary input, built-in Bluetooth module (can be combined with phone, tablet, etc.), remote control support MP3/WMA audio format
  • 1. Product name:Multi-function card reader 2. Material: ABS 3. Weight: 30g 4. Color: black 5. Size: 73 * 24 * 15mm 6. Product features: 1) Adopt folding three-in-one interface technology, plug and play 2) USB2.0 interface, high speed transmission, strong stability 3) Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and durable
  • 1. Product name:USB card reader 2. Material: ABS 3. Weight: 9g 4. Color: black 5. Size: 6.3*1.8*0.9cm 6. Product features: 1) ABS matte material, lightweight, anti-fingerprint 2) Plug and play, high-speed transmission 3) USB+Micro combo 4) TF+SD dual card slot
  • 1. Product name:USB card reader 2. Material: ABS 3. Weight: 9g 4. Color: black, white 5. Size: 60.6*18.8*8.8mm 6. Product features: 1) SD/TF dual card slot 2) High efficiency transmission
  • 1. Product Name:USB3.1 type-c OTG card reader 2. Material: aluminum alloy 3. Size: 3.7 * 1.8 * 0.8mm 4. Color: dark gold, dark silver, bright silver 5. Support memory card: TF 6. Product Features: 1> metal shell, safe and environmentally friendly, delicate texture, feel comfortable, solid structure, durable 2> For all type-c interface devices, compatibility, wide range of applications 3> Lanyard hole design, easy to carry, not easy to lose 4> compact, stylish, beautiful and practical


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